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The exponential growth of chronic diseases is an inescapable reality of Portuguese, European and world society. It calls into question the present and future quality of life of millions of people, bringing complex challenges in the area of ​​prevention, treatment and counseling.

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Measure your sweetness

We invited Employees to measure their sweetness.

Within the scope of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, the Ageas Portugal Group carried out a transversal initiative for all its Employees to prevent and monitor diabetes.


The dimension of Diabetes in Portugal becomes an inescapable theme: 40.3% of the Portuguese population between the ages of 20 and 79 has Diabetes or Hyperglycemia intermediate; Diabetes type 2 corresponds to about 90% of the prevalence of Diabetes in Portugal, being a silent disease that develops throughout the life, associated to sedentary, food habits less healthy, family antecedents, among others. In the vast majority of cases it can be avoided as long as the risk is detected in a timely manner.

* Source: National Diabetes Observatory 2016

Main results

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    Employees covered

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    Acceptance of follow-up

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    Face-to-face tracking

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Internal screening action for the early detection of diabetes, followed by a personalized solution with a duration of one year for prevention and monitoring of the disease, has as main objective the improvement of the quality of life and general health of employees.

Action Description

  • Awareness campaign: dimension, symptoms and risk factors
  • Online questionnaire to determine the propensity to develop diabetes in subsequent years
  • Face-to-face screening at Ageas Portugal Group facilities for Employees who obtained a high risk indication for developing diabetes
  • One-year program to improve health indicators, focused on healthy lifestyles

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