We create value for a world of longevity with more quality.

We create value for a world of longevity

Portugal is at the top of Europe's oldest countries, posing unprecedented challenges from health protection and retirement systems to the need for effective care responses that ensure quality of life after cessation of active working life.

At the same time, it is urgent to prepare and empower young people, each and every one, to face the growing challenges that this reality implies.

Sustainable Development Objectives that the initiatives support

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    Quality health

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    Quality education

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    Decent work and economic growth

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    Partnerships to implement the objectives

Financial Literacy, let's uncomplicate!

The Ageas Foundation, in partnership with the Entrepreneurial Minds, created the Ori€nta-te project.

A Social Responsibility initiative in the form of a competition, addressed to the 3rd. Cycle of Basic Education, which aims to develop skills early, in a practical and appealing way, empowering future citizens more aware of the impact of sound financial management.

The 2018/2019 school year aims to reach 1.350 students.

Main results

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    Students involved

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    Participating groups

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    Presence sessions

Ori€nta-te is a competition for young people in the 3rd cycle of basic education that takes financial literacy to schools in an appealing way. It develops competences with the ambition to train future citizens more prepared.

A contest with 3 principles:

  • Awakening - raising awareness for practical relevance
  • Direct - lay the groundwork for knowing and learning to make informed decisions
  • Support - monitor student work throughout the year

Action Description

Because the school is the ideal place to learn, and there is nothing better than to apply the concepts learned in a collaborative and practical way, the Orient has workshops that aim to enable students to develop, in a group, a practical case about one of the following challenges:

  • What I want to have and how to achieve it
  • I want to make a difference in my community

Among many other steps, it features a bootcamp for the 10 finalists and prizes for the top 3.

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