Corporate social responsibility

Create value for a more sustainable world.

Vision and Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our business to add significant value to customers, society and all stakeholders, while seeking a shared value approach

It translates our positioning on the major social, environmental and business challenges in the several dimensions in which we impact Society.


Create value for a more sustainable world.

It's our commitment. With our solutions and throughout our value chain we aim to generate relevant social and environmental impact in order to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Principles

Ageas Portugal Group acts in respect of the ‘10 universal principles of the United Nations Global Compact’, the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, the ‘Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work’ of the International Labour Organization as well as in respect of diversity related to its management and supervisory bodies, namely in terms of age, gender, education and professional background, among other best practices, going further and incorporating the best business practices in the various domains.

APEE Award

Recognition of Good Practices

Portuguese Association of Business Ethics

Ageas Portugal “Mede a tua Doçura” project was recognized in 2018 as a Good Practice in the Social Responsibility, in the category of Dignified Work and Conciliation.

Sustainable Development Objectives

Ageas Portugal Group contributes to the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS), mainly those addressed in the scope of its strategic choices in accordance with the challenges assumed.

About Sustainable Development Objectives

In 2015, world leaders decided, at the United Nations General Assembly, to adopt a set of global goals to transform the world by 2030. The agenda, which should guide the joint work of governments, citizens, businesses and organizations, is composed by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with the ambition of ending poverty, combating inequality and putting an end to climate change.