Seguro Directo

Seguros Directo is integrated in the Ageas Portugal Group together with Ageas Seguros, Médis and Ocidental, occupying the second position of the global ranking in Portuguese insurance market.

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Seguro Directo is a brand specializing in auto insurance, which counts on professionals of excellence of the sector and with a clear secret of success: the quality of service at a competitive price. Pioneer in Portugal, was the first insurer to market car insurance by telephone and internet.

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Seguro Directo
Praça José Queirós, Porta 2, 4º Piso, 1800-237 Lisboa
Telefone 218 612 323
Pessoa Coletiva Nº 503 454 109. Conservatória de Registo Comercial do Porto. Capital Social: 36.970.805 Euros.