I'M a Company Ageas

Special Issue of the Imagens de Marca Program

Ageas Portugal Group: the insurance world in colors!

The title of this issue of Imagens de Marca, reflects not only the visual identity of the Ageas Portugal Group, but the true essence of its vision for the insurance industry with exclusive interviews with the CEO of the Group Steven Braekeveldt and Inês Simões, Communication Corporate and Brand Director.

Ageas Portugal Group wants to make sector highly technological

Insurance will not die of old!

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Ageas Portugal Group wants to create emotional ties with society

Insurance that can be a "love brand".

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Ageas Group wants to bring the colors of the future to sector

Safe from a disruptive technological vision.

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    Bet in Strong Partnerships

    It was on the new campus of Nova School of Business & Economics, in the Amphitheater with the naming sponsor of Ageas that Imagens de Marca entered to the Group's strategic vision for the Portuguese market and for the insurance industry. Steven Braekeveldt explained how Ageas wants to change the insurance business, acting increasingly as a service provider at the forefront of technology, creating solutions that accompany the social transformations of the country.

    To talk about the strategic axis for the positioning of the Group, the Imagens de Marca traveled to the unbeaten city, where he spoke with Inês Simões, who guided the team on a visit to the Coliseu Porto Ageas, to complete a year of partnership as a naming sponsor, in which Ageas has been developing internal communication actions and with partners.

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