Ageas Portugal Group and Nova School of Business and Economics

Partners since 2016, Ageas and Nova SBE have joined forces to think about the new generations, the future of our country and the development of society.

    A successful partnership

    Thinking about the new generations, the future of our country and the development of society.

    Partners since 2016, Ageas and Nova SBE, have built a solid relationship, materialized in several initiatives such as participation in events with the presence of national and international students, creation of Executive Programs customized for Ageas, construction of the Amphitheater Ageas in the new campus of Carcavelos and development of innovation programs.

      Innovative marathon for students of Nova SBE

      Hackathon Ageas puts students' disruptive ideas in real time.

      The Ageas Portugal Group and the Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) are launching a challenge at Healthcare City in Tagus Park. Hackathon seeks to challenge Nova SBE students to respond to a variety of issues through innovative practices and results.

      Hackathon Ageas

      Each team aims to simplify a specific business, seeking to give a more technological and up-to-date look to the final result and the processes that precede it. There are about 30 participants with training in Management and Economics, who are divided by teams that work on 3 challenges related to the insurance sector:

      • How to simplify the language of insurance
      • Making Health Insurance More Relevant to Millennials
      • How to make life and death insurance interesting

      There are six main phases over the course of the 24 hours, which are:

      • Immersion: each team knows in depth the challenge placed;
      • Inspiration: the beginning of the exchange of ideas with the possibility of requesting a "human library" consisting of Age Experts to assist students in questions or doubts;
      • Imagination: the knowledge acquired in the first two phases will lead to the end of the concrete idea;
      • Incubation: the idea becomes a solution and prototype;
      • Implementation: a rational and business case is developed;
      • Pitch: final presentation of the recommendation developed by each team.

      These presentations were made to a jury composed by the CEOs of the Ageas Portugal Group brands that decided the winning team.

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