Partners and Sponsorships

We value Projects and Partnerships that add value in the medium and long term, that are differentiating and innovative.

Business Partnerships

  • Millennium bcp - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    Millennium bcp

    The Banco Comercial Português Group offers a wide range of banking products and related financial services.

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  • ANF - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    Associação Nacional de Farmácias

    Joint venture Go Far, an innovative solution in the provision of health care to customers of Farmácias Portuguesas and Médis.

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  • Kleya - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal


    Global service and facilitator of the process of establishment of foreign residents in Portugal.

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Corporate Partnerships

  • Coliseu Porto Ageas - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    Coliseu Porto Ageas

    Bet on the national culture, with strong dynamism in the areas of culture, music, dance and entertainment.

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  • Teatro Nacional D. Maria II - Parcerias Grupo Ageas Portugal

    D. Maria II National Theatre

    Strengthening the public service in term of culture provided by the TNDMII, bringing the theatre to the country and its citizens.

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  • Casa da Música

    Promote and encourage the work of emerging musicians in the areas of creation, performance and stage performance.

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  • Nova SBE - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    Nova SBE

    Ageas and Nova SBE, have built a solid relationship, thinking about the new generations and the future of our country.

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  • Singularity University - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    Singularity University

    Challenging and inspiring, they are the key to continue betting on the digital transformation and technological solutions.

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  • APDP - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal


    Médis has established a partnership with the Diabetic Protective Association of Portugal.

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  • For Good - Parceria Grupo Ageas Portugal

    For Good

    The Ageas Group establishes a partnership with For Good, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

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Ageas Sponsorships

Ageas Portugal Group sponsors causes linked to several areas.

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