Seguro Directo launches a chatbot

Innovative solution in the insurance market allows to perform all the necessary steps to purchase a car insurance and require the issue of the green card.

Seguro Directo launched, on July 30th, the chatbot, available on the website and on the Facebook Messenger of the insurers' brand. Chatbot acts like an online assistant, that, through artificial intelligence, interacts with Clients via automated text messages.

The tool, which allows to perform all necessary steps to purchase a car insurance, as well as to manage documents, being, during the initial phase, possible to request the issue of the green card. All these functionalities make it an innovative solution within the insurance market.

Seguro Directo's chatbot is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Eduardo Caria, Director of Seguro Directo, "Through this launch, Seguro Directo carries on its mission of being close to its Clients, answering their mobility needs with an agile and simplified answer. All these innovations and new technologies have a crucial part in the provision of a differentiating service while adding-value to the Client."

After the renovation of its website and the creation of content based on the recommendations and tips given by the Road Safety, the brand continues focused in the digital channels, as a way of promoting a clearer and more close communication with the Clients. Creating the Facebook page for Seguro Directo, launched simultaneously with the chatbot, is the reflection of the new image of the insurance company, applying a direct, simple and easy communication.

On the page are published campaigns, products and educational content, in-line with the message "simpler than you think".


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