Médis supports the initiative “I have Cancer. So what?”

To recognize and explain the causes of cancer, placing the citizen in the centre of the discussion, is the best way to prevent and treat the disease. This is the motto behind the initiative "I have Cancer. So what?", a project born from the desire to desmistify cancer and stimulate the public discussion about the challenges faced by patients daily. The initiative, now with the support of Médis, was launched by Sic Notícias and Expresso.

Having Novartis as a partner and the collaboration of entities such as the Portuguese League Against Cancer and the Portuguese Oncology Society, the initiative intends to bring together patient associations, medical societies and health service providers, in Portugal, to discuss cancer.  

"I have Cancer. So what?" is a space for sharing information about the disease so that solutions can be found for the needs of cancer patients, in Portugal. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the main challenges that patients and their families face, such as labour integration and family management. The aim is to think about ways to integrate patients in the society and to listen the health professionals whom lead with the pathology, thus favouring an exchange of experiences and knowledge. It is also a way of getting to know life stories, survivors, examples that reinforce the hope and trust of all who live with the disease.  

Living with cancer is a challenge for the patient, for the family and for the society. The biggest aim of this initiative is to, above all, change mentalities and try to transmit a more adequate attitude to deal with this, increasingly chronic, disease, presenting itself as a means of dialogue about a problem that no one should ignore.

Médis has joined Sic Notícias and Expresso and supports the initiative "I have Cancer. So what?" with the aim of contributing for the promotion of health literacy. As a health insurance company that is always present and promotes several prevention campaigns, the role of Médis in the follow-up of its Clients throughout all stages of the disease in undeniable. 

According to Teresa Bartolomeu, Marketing Director of Médis, "it is essential to have an integrated approach. Patient follow-up should be constant, not just after the diagnosis.  The funder must be aware that the whole diagnosis process and treatment and be an incentive agent for projects that promote health literacy, healthier lifestyles, and preventive measures (such as screening tests)".

Follow the inspirational stories, the medical news, the opinions of the experts, the exclusive interviews and the future of treatments at https://sicnoticias.pt/tenho-cancro-e-depois.


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