Médis supports once again the “More Moving Moments" Association

Grupo Ageas Portugal has it its Social Corporate Liability a strategic axis and as such, through the Médis brand, supports, one more time, the “More Moving Movements” (MMM) Association, helping children with strong mobility impairments to have the opportunity to fulfil a simple dream, to most of us, to go to the beach.

Last year, nine beaches were accessible with wheelchairs adapted to children with reduced mobility. For this year, the goal is to reach many more children, and as such out of the 40 wheelchairs acquired, 29 wheelchairs are already being used in beaches in a constant articulation between municipalities, families and institutions whom place support requests:

  • Praia do Ouro – Sesimbra (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia do Tamariz – Cascais (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia da Poça – Cascais (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia das Moitas – Cascais (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia da Foz do Lizandro – Mafra (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia da Comporta – Grândola (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia Tróia-Mar – Grândola (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia da Vagueira – Vagos (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia do Areão – Vagos (1 wheelchair)
  • Praia do Sul - Mafra (1 wheelchair)
  • Vila do Conde (5 wheelchairs, beaches to be listed soon)
  • Póvoa do Varzim (2 wheelchairs, beaches to be listed soon).

Besides promoting a healthy childhood and supporting the family life, MMM has also the mission of promoting the full integration of these children in the society – without prejudice, nor stigma. A mission that Médis could not be indifferent to, for the compromise it undertakes since its foundation: proximity, presence and active participation in the society surrounding.


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