Health and Technology in debate at SingularityU Portugal

Surgeries assisted by robots and virtual nurses: the future of health in the eyes of national and international specialists

Surgeries assisted by robots, virtual nurses, disease prevention through algorithms, what is the future of health in a reality in which emerging new technologies begin to lead the industry? This is the issue of the first informal meeting (SU Chapter) organized by SingularityU Portugal in partnership with Ageas Portugal Group, which takes place on January 29th, starting at 6pm.

Created in Portugal at the end of 2018, SingularityU Portugal is the first institution in the country focused exclusively on empowering Portuguese leaders to explore new emerging technologies and apply them to the challenges of business, society and governance. In addition to the promotion of training programs, it organizes informal meetings (SU Chapter events), giving the Portuguese the opportunity to get to know some of the brightest minds in different areas and discuss possible technological solutions to some of humanity's greatest problems.

In this first informal meeting, five speakers, entrepreneurs, leaders and researchers will share innovative experiences and projects, discuss current challenges and trends in the health sector and give advice on how Portugal can take advantage of new technologies in a rapidly changing world. AI's enormous potential for transforming various areas of medicine and, on the other hand, the challenges of patient privacy and data ownership ethics will be some of the highlights.

For the first time in Portugal, Jim Stolze, mentor of SingularityU The Netherlands, will begin by proving that you need not be afraid of AI. The specialist is recognized in the technological world by the creation of Aigency, the first AI technology recruiting agency that acts as an intermediary between startups that build algorithms and bots and the companies that need them to automate their operations.

The keynote speakers also include Steven Braekeveldt, CEO of Ageas Portugal Group and one of the great drivers of digital transformation in the area of ​​health insurance, Sofia Balula Dias, founder of iPrognosis, a mobile app that collects data that allow you to detect early Parkinson's disease; and Pedro Gouveia, a surgeon at the Centro Clínico Champalimaud, with research and technology in the diagnosis of breast cancer and patient orientation.

According to Steven Braekeveldt, CEO of Ageas Portugal Group and Founding Partner of SingularityU Portugal, "in a recent Inkwood Research study it is estimated that only the global health AI market will generate net revenue of approximately 25.6 billion 2025, a 40% increase over 2018. As such, you need to prepare all stakeholders in the industry to change your mindset and start thinking about the potential that these new technologies bring to your business and the impact it can have in the public that seeks its services".

This meeting is held at the headquarters of the Ageas Portugal Group, in the Parque das Nações in Lisbon, and is open to all entrepreneurs, leaders, students and members of organizations that have an interest in the theme. Admission is free (registration required).


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