Ageas Seguros with premium store in Ourém

Ageas Seguros inaugurated on February 13, a new store concept in Ourém. The completely renovated commercial space, located at Avenida D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, 204, Loja 10, in Ourém, with a team of 6 professionals, offers advice on a wide range of services and insurance. The inauguration ceremony was attended by 100 people.

For Anabela Lourenço, manager of this Commercial Space "Ageas Seguros guarantees an experienced team, specialized and ready to adapt the solutions to follow the needs of each Client. The commitment to the renewal of our commercial space reinforces the positioning of an ever more transparent relationship with our Clients and consumers. The colors represent the dynamism we print daily in this relationship. And to mark this moment, we have given our guests a moment of conviviality in a different way, including offering a souvenir of the region. "

Following the inauguration of yet another premium store, a concept closer to people, without barriers or visual noise, which further enhances the world of Ageas colors, this time in Ourém, Ageas Seguros continues to bet on its renewal expansion plan of stores from North to South of the country, in the coming months. Ageas Seguros has more than 150 stores throughout the country.

The team of the Mediator Exclusive Ageas Seguros, Ourisegur:


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