Ageas Seguros sponsors Bryan Skerry’s "Misunderstood Shark"

The world-famous exhibition by Brian Skerry, photographer and photojournalist for National Geographic, specialized in marine life and underwater environments, headed to Porto, being hosted at Galeria da Biodiversidade of Universidade do Porto, until December 31st of 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10 a.m. and 06 p.m.

Brian Skerry gives us a fresh look over the oceans predators' to raise awareness, overcome myths and protect these animals and the environment in which they live. Its an immersive experience: "Shark Cage" an installation where it is possible to experience being at the bottom of the sea and pretend to be the photographer swimming with the sharks.

Every year about 100 million sharks are captured by accident or for commercialization of their fins, causing many species to be endangered and drastically changing the marine biodiversity, since these predators are essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystems. These are the facts that motivated Brian Skerry to portray the different shark species with the goal of raising awareness and promoting knowledge about these animals.

"Misunderstood Shark: Mission Critical" is an extraordinary journey to the world of sharks through 50 photographs, which first arrived to Europe in 2018, with Portugal the chosen country for its premiere, and was present in Lisbon's Oceanarium until January 6th.

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